iOptron CEM120 go-to 120lb/54kg payload mount head with WiFi

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iOptron CEM120 go-to 120lb/54kg payload mount head with WiFi

Мнение от dani » пон апр 20, 2015 10:59

Ето и новата бъдеща монтировка на iOptron: ... 20289.aspx

iOptron is stepping up their game again. Fresh off the heels of their successful CEM60 mount comes its BIG brother the CEM120. This mount will be a game changer for people wanting a large capacity mount to take out into the field. The head only weighs 54.5 pounds yet can carry a payload of 120 pounds! This looks to a be a match made in Heaven for our Astro-Tech line of Truss RCs.

Some of the pertinent information.

All CNC Machined. You will find no castings on this mount.
Direct Worm drive. This mount is not belt driven.
Periodic error is <7 Arc Sec. If you are looking for better, then please check out the CEM120EC.
Connections galore for you computer. RS232, USB, Ethernet, and WiFi.
There are both powered and unpowered USB ports.

Tracking Accuracy (PE) Non EC version < 7 arcsec p-p EC version < 0.3 arcsecrms
Current Production Timeline:

First batch started in March

Alpha test, May-June

Beta test July-Sept.

Official launch at ASAE in November 2015

Ship in volume, December 2015

US Sale Price Non-EC $5,498 EC version $6,998
Esprit-120, Esprit-80, TS 6" f/5.9 Fraunhofer Refractor
PST Coronado mod
Exos-2 GoTo, AZ-EQ6
MTO300 + Flektagon 20/F4+Зенитар Fisheye 16мм f/2.8
DSI III PRO+LRGB, филтри O-III, S-II, H-Alpha и H-Beta, Kendrick heater
SW Myriad 20mm MWA-100º Eyepiece (2”), SW Aero ED 40mm 2"
MEADE TeleXtender 2x, Bresser Barlow 5x
Pentax XW 10mm, XW 7mm, XW 3.5mm,
WO SWAN 33mm, ES 4.7mm, TeleVue 13mm Nagler
Powermate 4x, Orion Multiple Filter Wheel for 4x 2"
Helios STELLAR-II 15x70 BINO, Nikon Action 8x40 8.2

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