Нови продукти от Explore Scientific 2014/2015

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Нови продукти от Explore Scientific 2014/2015

Мнение от dani » вт дек 02, 2014 09:38

0218430 Explore Scientific 100° Ar-Okular "Giant" 30mm (3"/76,2mm)

RRP 1.399,00€, current introductory price 1.199,00€

The dawn of a new dimension

For years advanced amateur astronomers love our 100° eyepieces. Last year we were the first manufacturer to introduce a 25mm 100° eyepiece – the maximum that is possible by using the standard 2” barrel. Users of Cassegrain-telescopes and the owners of big refractors have asked us to expand that line – and here it is. This giant eyepiece covers a extremely large field for deep sky observing – a unique combination of exceptional image sharpness and extreme field coverage.

0340180 Explore Scientific 99% Star Diagonal 76,2mm/3"

RRP 489,00€

Gives you a relaxed viewing position when you are observing with our 30mm 3“ 100°

03102XX Explore Scientific Nebular Filters with protocol

RRP 45,00€-95,00€

High quality nebula filters from Explore Scientific with individually measured test protocols at a extremely low introductory price – starting at only 45,00€! The filters are delivered in our well known Explore Scientific box with magnetic lock.

The Explore Scientific nebula filters come with the individual measured test protocol – so you can be sure to receive a high quality filter!

0310215 Nebula filter 1,25" UHC - RRP 45,00 €

0310210 Nebula filter 2" UHC - RRP 65,00 €

0310205 Nebula filter 1,25" O-III - RRP 55,00 €

0310200 Nebula filter 2" O-III - RRP 85,00 €

0310235 Nebula filter 1,25" H-Beta - RRP 75,00 €

0310230 Nebula filter 2" H-Beta - RRP 95,00 €

0310225 Nebula filter 1,25" CLS - RRP 45,00 €

0310220 Nebula filter 2" CLS - RRP 65,00 €

01169xx Explore Scientific Ultra Light Dobson telescopes

RRP 699,00€-1.999,00€

Completely new designed full metal construction with unique features:

- modern secondary unit: smooth, tool-free operation and very unsensitive against decollimation by vibrations
- Main mirror collimation from the front – during observations: much more comfortable than other constructions, especially during the fine-tuning at Polaris
- No pressboard and no wood: the telescope doesn’t have to be freshly coated on a regular basis – and there is no swelling when the surface got scratched

- dew protected due to the high metal mirror box: the dew settles on the cold black metal surfaces of the mirror box, before it covers the mirror
- High contrast without light shroud: the combination oft he stay light protector opposite oft he eyepiece and the high mirror box protects the eyepiece effectively from stray light without adding the wind sensitivity of a full tube light shroud
- Large altitude wheels for maximum rigidity during observations – even with heavy eyepieces and wind

- Modern metal sandwich construction reduces weight: with a net mass of below 40kg the 16“ is just over half of the weight of many press-board dobsons in this price class

0116925 Ultra Light Dobsonian 10"- RRP 699,00 €

0116930 Ultra Light Dobsonian 12"- RRP 899,00 €

0116940Ultra Light Dobsonian 16"- RRP 1999,00 €

But this is not all – we are still accelerating…:

We brought two new prototypes to Photokina that we want to share with you. Both telescopes should be available in the second half of next year.

0112165 165mm f/7 ED-Apo with Carbon fiber tube – estimated RRP 7.899,00€

The optics of the prototype that we showed at Photokina with its central element of FPL-53 does not show any detectable color aberration – we are looking forward to receive more of those excellent telescopes.

0116950 508mm f/4 Ultralight-Dobsonian – estimated RRP 3.999,00€

With this 20“ dobson we enter a new dimension. With a total weight of just over 50kg this huge telescope is still mobile –the heaviest part is below 40kg.

0456120 MTB-100 Mount - estimated RRP 2.999,00€

We should be able to deliver the first units of our new mount in the end of the first half of 2015. This mount has a very moderate weight of only 22kg but it is capable of carrying a lot more photographically.

Монтировката е тази, която съм показвал отдавна - замисълът е да е конкурентна на EQ8. Eто и снимки с последен вариант:



Ето и добсъните:



Esprit-120, Esprit-80, TS 6" f/5.9 Fraunhofer Refractor
PST Coronado mod
Exos-2 GoTo, AZ-EQ6
MTO300 + Flektagon 20/F4+Зенитар Fisheye 16мм f/2.8
DSI III PRO+LRGB, филтри O-III, S-II, H-Alpha и H-Beta, Kendrick heater
SW Myriad 20mm MWA-100º Eyepiece (2”), SW Aero ED 40mm 2"
MEADE TeleXtender 2x, Bresser Barlow 5x
Pentax XW 10mm, XW 7mm, XW 3.5mm,
WO SWAN 33mm, ES 4.7mm, TeleVue 13mm Nagler
Powermate 4x, Orion Multiple Filter Wheel for 4x 2"
Helios STELLAR-II 15x70 BINO, Nikon Action 8x40 8.2

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Re: Нови продукти от Explore Scientific 2014/2015

Мнение от neptun2 » вт дек 02, 2014 09:49

Рефрактора ще е интересен, но при цена от почти 8000 евро ще трябва да се лорят директно с най-високия клас на доказани производители. Все пак ще следя с интерес как се развиват нещата. :)
Photo: ZWO Asi 1600MM Pro + zwo 7x36mm filter wheel, Astrodon I-series Gen 2 36mm LRGB filters, ZWO ASI 120MM mini as guider, ZWO off-axis guider
Binoculars: Nikon Action 12x50
Telescopes: CFF 135mm f6.7 triplet refractor + cff flattener and Riccardi M82 0.75x reducer
Mounts: Ioptron CEM-60 EC

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